06 December 2019

RGO ONE - new classic CW / SSB transceiver on the market - part 1

Hi all,

This coming new CW/SSB all HF bands transceiver is the “classic” architecture of 9MHz IF super-heterodyne with good filtered front-end and proper roofing crystal IF filters.
It is using PHEMT LNA, high dynamic range H-mode mixer, 8+4 poles crystal filters etc.
Full, fast and absolute quiet QSK with proper timing is devoted to all CW enthusiasts.
It looks like great era of famous TenTec transceivers is coming back :)



Experiences with RGO ONE in CQWW, CW by John, AE5X:https://ae5x.blogspot.com/2019/11/cqww-cw-with-rgo-one.html

Some pics of my new arrived RGO ONE are uploaded in groups.io here:https://groups.io/g/RGO-ONE/album?id=223623

And one more think... I like very much the sentences posted by KW6LA:
"I do like the old style controls. RGO ONE looks like a radio, not a garage door opener!"

73 - Petr, OK1RP

1 comment:

  1. Hello Petr,
    I also have an RGO ONE. I can already give accessories tips. A JBL S-500 headphones for € 45 on Ebay sounds great. In the NF output I treated myself to the Monoprice Hybrid Tube Amp for currently € 84. It gives the SSB signals at the speaker output more warmth and depth. Best XMAS !!!

    73, Ralf DL6URK