10 January 2016

f1award.ru - no plaques, no replies, funds grabbed... Ham radio is not fair-play game anymore?!

Hi all,

maybe you still remember the Ham Formula One awards and plaques activity in 2014. It was perfectly managed on-line and the score as same as reached awards and plaques has been on-line available on the f1award.ru webpage. 

Did You received Your ordered plaques already?! I paid for ordered plaque (wall clock in my case) almost year ago but I never received anything until now. No replies for my several emails to award manager...


I tried this link: 
> now it is down...

I tried this: 

> down of course...

Emailed several times to:  

> no response.

In MegaLog merchant I was able to find my order 

> now it is down.

I emailed to: Oleg Lebedev; elebedev at gmail at com and he replied to me that he can help me with shipment. The package should be shipped 10/8/2015. Nothing arrived until now. No responses, no tracking...

I also tried email to: rx6lql at gmail dot com but no reply from him too.

I will try to email them again. Maybe they missed my last messages.

If you are interresting in discussions or threads where I tried to share it then check it here:



Thank You for comments, experiences... but in general the most important is to pay big attention where and whom you are sending your money. The Ham radio is not fair-play game anymore it seems...

73 - Petr OK1RP

07 January 2016

Looking for clean SS HF PA w/QSK... (Juma)

Hi all,

some time ago I posted on different forums and ham radio boards an announcement that I am looking for power amplifier as follows:

"I am looking for highly reliable, clean, compact, solid state HF-6m bands PA with 100% working, smooth QSK at around 1-1.2kW heavy-duty output and standard radio interface. Commercial only (no home made) for resonable price. Can someone recommend me any according to own good experiences please?

My favourite model to buy was untill now Acom 1200S but I realized it has no QSK implemented.


...so no way for me on CW.

As the long time Elecraft K3 owner I was also interrested in the KPA500, but there is not enough power as I am looking for 1-1.2kW heavy-duty output.

Any kind of tip, hint or recommendation is appreciated.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

The threads with an interresting discussion can be found for example here:


After some time I remembered that Juma developed some power amplifier with power about 1kW. The complete information can be found here:

Unfortunatelly I did not found the information about the full, smooth QSK feature which is key-parameter for me so I decided to ask them here:


(more discussion about this interresting amp here):


Unfortunatelly I have no reply from Juma or current owners till now.
In fact I did not found any kind of amplifier which meets my requirement or expectations. The Juma is still in high focus...

User manual
Firmware update

73 - Petr, OK1RP
"auf die Dauer hilft nur Power" (Erich, HB9FIH)