10 January 2023

RGO ONE Audio Filter functionality - firmware 2.50b available

New firmware version ver.2.50b is available now in download section which reveals use of a new AF optional board – digital DSP audio filter board. Ver.2.50b is first step to the new DSP features of the radio. With new Ver.2.50b radio detects AF board and set it in bypass mode.

Next FW updates will add some basic functions like digital filters in CW/SSB, audio peak filter, CW tune and other…

Download 2.50b here.

10 October 2022

Plastic injection mould for RGO ONE knobs ready

News from Boris, LZ2JR and his Mission RGO One crew dated 10Oct 2022...


I am very excited to share with all friends that we just finished tests of our new plastic mould for RGO ONE knob sets. Making this was very very long time and cost consuming process but finally we are ready and first knobs were shot by the machine finished and ready to go…

Have a look at pictures:

Main dial knob still needs some parts to be finished but little knobs are all ready to go. Every stroke of the machine produces 7 parts - main dial knob cap, finger dimple, encoder knobs - 3pcs., concentric pot knobs 2pcs.
3-D printed knobs you use on your RGO ONE will be no more available.

73 es GL
Boris LZ2JR/AC9IJ"

15 June 2022

RGO ONE - New firmware 2.41A released

New firmware ver.2.41A for famous RGO ONE transceiver is available. CW waveform clipping and LPF hot switching problem when lower delay time (menu 41 trd) is selected is now resolved by Boris and his crew.

Files for software update are located in download section


CW wave form is now clean and not clipped by delayed switching of output LPF.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

24 May 2022

RGO ONE - Noise blanker (NB) option by Boris, LZ2JR

RGO ONE is classic super heterodyne analog conversion SSB/CW amateur transceiver with 9MHz single intermediate frequency. Optional noise receiver/ noise blanker (NB) unit is placed right after post RX mixer amplifier U12 on RF MIXER board. NB module detects short incoming pulses and produces blanking pulse which neutralize disturbing interference signal early in the receive path just before first 9MHz (roofing) filter. Unlike all modern transceiver's technology where digital DSP technology is in use – in RGO ONE all the signals are analog processed avoiding signal distortion and improving signal dynamic range.

It is known that performance will be most effective when noise pulses are short in duration and comparatively long in period. Characteristic types are those produced by automotive ignitions, home appliances, small DC motors, pulse noises from power lines and other man made devices. Noise with short periods and longer duration such as QRN, are less discernible by the circuits and consequently more difficult to eliminate. Optional NB board works on RX and its location is on RF MIXER board in your RGO ONE.

- Pulse bandwidth 7 ÷ 70 µSec 
- Threshold/sensitivity 10µV ÷ 220µV 
- NB insertion loss/gain +1.5db (±1db) 
- Input frequency IF 9MHz 
- IF bandwidth 130kHz 
- Noise gate type PHEMPT Ga-As SPDT switch 
- Noise gate isolation >85db

If you are going to install your new optional NB module then I am highly recommending to follow step by step the NB Operating and Installation manual linked bellow by Boris, LZ2JR.

Just few more pictures from installation procedures follows.

JP1 jumper removed in the center of picture

RF Mixer board after removing the shielding on the left

NB optional module properly inserted to pins header

Securing the board with supplied M3mm screw and lock washer

After installation of the optional NB board the 2.40A revision or higher firmware must be installed to the RGO ONE transceiver.

This software version implements new optional NB module features.
NB noise blanker/noise receiver optional board gives ability to remove pulse noises from man-made home/industrial appliances, electrical power lines etc.

QRN and other atmospheric noises with long pulse duration might not be suppressed effectively.

New menu entries added:

  1. Menu 35 nbP – Blanking pulse width 1 – 8 (7 – 70usec)
  2. Menu 36 thr – Gate threshold/sensitivity level 1 – 16
  3. LCD icon animation – NB icon can be lit on or off or fast blinking depending on NB module status
  4. Module auto-detect – enables new NB features only if NB option is installed in the radio.
New firmware version 2.40A – NB functions added for download here.

NB Operation & Installation manual is available for download here.

Contact Boris, LZ2JR for availability or pre-orders here.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

17 May 2022

RGO One vs YAESU FT-DX10 - little warrior on the battle field :)


today morning Boris, LZ2JR made an interesting comparison of the noise blanker performance in between his RGO One and popular Yaesu FT-DX10 transceivers. The newly developed NB option for his amazing RGO One transceiver is coming soon and it will be available and supported with latest firmware revision.

Look on the video and let me know back who won...


73 - Petr, OK1RP


04 May 2022

RGO ONE fights strong pulse spikes – Youtube DEMO

RGO ONE Noise Blanker (noise receiver) demonstration.

Input noise pulse spikes are simulated by Siglent arbitrary waveform generator.

Frequency 14MHz
Pulse signal duration 80 periods (sinusoids)
Silence duration 100 mili seconds
Input amplitude 0dbm (>600mV)

In other words injecting at receiver input very strong pulse spikes ~600mV, width 5.7uS, every 100mSec

Menu 35 selects blanking pulse width 1 – 8 from 7 to 70uSec
Menu 36 selects gate sensitivity (threshold) level 1 – 16

Noise blanker (NB) functionality will be added in new FW ver.2.40A. Check firmware updates section for this update that will be available soon. NB module is optional board that can be fitted on RF MIXER board.

Demo video is here:


There is simulation in real situation and how NB module interacts on useful receiving signal. Is there any artifacts of its action.. Please comment. For the test have been used the following stuff: Siglent waveform generator and Mini circuits two way signal splitter.


73 - Petr, OK1RP

RGO One - Excessive mic gain at lowest setting - mod by Boris, LZ2JR

RGO One - Excessive mic gain at lowest setting using QRP power level modification by Boris, LZ2JR.

If you realized the excessive mic gain on your RGO One even at lowest setting here is what Boris found after deep investigation and many tests... "Ok, then we assume got problem only on QRP levels. Probably this is related to individual voice characteristics. Since my voice is not so loud I am afraid I adjusted mic preamp to fit my own voice characteristics.

Here is what can be done:

1. Lift bottom cover and locate SSB GEN board (see the pic attached)

2. Place in parallel or replace R2 - 270kOhm with 100kOhm resistor (0805 case)... 

(Somebody reported even 27kOhm change works fine)

73 - Petr, OK1RP