21 April 2015

RX ANTs switching topology for SO2R or M/2 contesting


as I was asked by several friends how I am handling more receiving antennas for lowbands in my setup I decided to share first version of my solution which I used last year.(now under reworking)

              The RX antennas switching topology layout ver.1.1

The very first version of the switching solution was developed for OK5T contesting team and it used blue SO-239 CX-xxx serie manual antenna's switches. The home made bandpass filters were simple 5-poles or 7-poles elyptic filters in aluminium boxes.

The most famous part of this solution were KD9SV front-end savers which I used in this solution with Martin's, OK1RR modification and worked like champ.


In general this solution allowed operator(s) to use any kind of 2-RX antennas on one of three lowbands 160/80/40m.

After some time I realized that I need to improve several things in this solution so now it is under reworking state. There is too many manual switches which is not so comfortable for operator during the contest. It is the 2-antennas solution only. There is no enough separation for SO2R operation etc.

...but maybe it will help to someone as it is so simple and cheap solution.

73 - Petr, OK1RP