10 October 2022

Plastic injection mould for RGO ONE knobs ready

News from Boris, LZ2JR and his Mission RGO One crew dated 10Oct 2022...


I am very excited to share with all friends that we just finished tests of our new plastic mould for RGO ONE knob sets. Making this was very very long time and cost consuming process but finally we are ready and first knobs were shot by the machine finished and ready to go…

Have a look at pictures:

Main dial knob still needs some parts to be finished but little knobs are all ready to go. Every stroke of the machine produces 7 parts - main dial knob cap, finger dimple, encoder knobs - 3pcs., concentric pot knobs 2pcs.
3-D printed knobs you use on your RGO ONE will be no more available.

73 es GL
Boris LZ2JR/AC9IJ"