23 November 2015

$60 MR100 antenna analyzer toy


maybe you heard about the simple, cheap antenna analyzers which are available on different e-shops, auctions, shopping galleries etc. already.

There is one of them - $60 MR100 antenna analyzer toy - first test


I got it from our local radioclub staff last week for testing. He bought it somewhere on the internet for $60.50 fully assembled and tested. It does not look so bad for these money.

According to discussion with mentioned friend in the radioclub the cheapest way is to buy the analyzer module itself w/o BT option. The metal housing, BT, battery pack, etc. is up to you. Latest v.13 firmware should be available.

The full spec can be found in the manual here:

The toy is powered from 12V/500mA w/auto power off
Max. measured impedance/reactance (C/L mode) is 2000 Ohms
Max. measured freq. is 60MHz
Steps 100Hz to 100kHz

Mini USB port to PC

SWR, magnitude impedance, complex impedance, capacitance, inductance.
Derivate tests: ground loss, C, L, velicity factor, coax el. lenght, etc.

As it is using AD9851 DDS chip (Nyquist at 90MHz w/internal x6 multiplier clocks the DDS at 180MHz), the practical maximum output frequency from AD9851 is however about 70MHz. In my opinion as a third of the maximum DDS clock frequency for the AD9851 chip I prefer the maximum of 60MHz output frequency (lot spurs/aliases above). It is corresponding to the analyzer module spec.

After getting it from our local radioclub staff for testing I browsed on the net and I found that there is several clones and derivates from genuine SARK-100 like MR100, Mini60, GA-60 and many others. All of them are using the same generic EA4FRB f/w...

The genuine SARK-100 has been retired already. More information you can find here:

It is now replaced by new and much more sophisticated SARK-110.
More information can be found here:

I do not like the illegal chineese copies and MR100 unit is definitely one of them. 

Once I have it in hands I am planning to compare it with AA-200, MFJ-259 and even more I will try to make some comparison with professional Agilent E5061 network analyzers which I have available in my shack and lab.

I do not know more about MR100 analyzer as I have not schematic yet but I will try to make another video with functions and options available incl. calibration and some measurement.

The SARK100 Antenna Analyzer Software for Windows usable also for it's derivates is available here:
Another software for SARK100 and derivates is here:

Chinesse language (partly in english) software for SARK100/MR100 v0.9 is here:
More information can be found here:

Battery pack solution to power the MR100 or SARK100 by Ham Source:

Hope it helps,

73 - Petr, OK1RP