07 August 2014

Sticky Pen for SMD and tiny parts assembly and handling


it's few months ago when I came across the plastic handle with tacky head in three different sizes originally used by modellers for glueying and hadling the tiny metal parts.

It seemed to be very interresting and I got an idea to use it instead of tweezers for SMD parts soldering and handling during the PCB assembling.

A simple but very effective idea for placing SMD parts and tiny electronics parts when PCB assembly or electronics bench work is here...

All electronics, modellers, ham radio, laboratory, science and technology enthusiasts, professionals and bench operators who have had troubles picking up and accurately placing the SMD, then just as importantly releasing SMD small parts has maybe the solution over here.

Tweezers seem to launch small pieces as often as they place them but the parts fall off half the time before they reach their target.

The Sticky Pen tool will address this small parts dilemma with a simple but very effective and reusable solution. Three sizes are available - Fine, Medium and Large.

Using the tool could not be easier. Pick it to it's place, heat up quickly with soldering tip the paste and that's it. Each tool comes with a clear plastic cover for the tip. This will help keep the tip clean.

If the heads get dirty or they lose their tack, they may be restored by simply running them under warm tap water and allowing them to air dry. If they are really gummed up, you could also roll the head back and forth on clear adhesive tape.

I tried to use the Sticky Pen in my home lab as same as in daily job - professional lab and after assembling several SMD parts in different sizes I can say... it works nice!

Stick Pen tools are simple but very useful and reusable instruments for all types of electronics, soldering, assembly, modeling etc.

I can highly recommend them.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

01 August 2014

Shopping for a pint-size Iambic key


very quickly after posting of my personal recommendation for iambic paddles on www.qrz.com forum I got few emails regarding this task.
I was asked for more details about some of the paddles (mainly about these of recommended). So I am re-posting there my original article from the QRZ Forum and I will try to write more about it later.

Unfortunately I can not recommend any of the above mentioned paddles in this thread for many reasons.

If You are looking for something ready to use, rugged, small, but still usable enough then look for Mini Paddle from Palm Radio:

Also the good choice can be for You (I have it) the Black Widow (W5JH) or his Baby Black paddle here:

or AZ Paddle by Arizona ScQRPion here:

The only issue can be that if nothing changed it is the kit. So You have to be able to put it together including the final polishing. But finally it is nice paddle (it is using springs only instead of magnets) for the return but good one and compare to other mini paddles or plastic junks it is most valuable choice I am sure.
If You would not like to buy none of these "toys" then You will not make anything wrong with Magnetic Classic from Begali:

The only problem is with uncovered bearings > dust comes in and makes troubles but You can solve it with "nice label". Also prefer the metal finger plates if You will decide for this paddle to avoid backwards vibrations.

The Bencher Hex key is very nice and rugged paddle (I have it also) but adjustment is night mare because of rough threads, You will need to change triangular finger plates for metal standard shape, it is really big for portable and it's pricey:


In general stay far from the toys like Paddettes, KK-1, MK-44, MK-36 and other plastic toys please.

Hope it helps. Do not hesitate to ask me for any help if You want...

73 - Petr, OK1RP