01 July 2019

Sea of Peace Award 2019 (SOP) started!

Sea of Peace Award 2019 (SOP) started!
If you want to get beautiful pennon or following your last year achievement you would like to continue to get sticker then you should turn on your radio and pay attention to the stations from the required countries during the July 2019...

This certificate in form of a silk pennon will be awarded for QSOs with the Baltic neighbouring states and regions in July. Annual stickers can be acquired for repeated fulfilment of the rules during the subsequent years.

Beyond coming SOP-owners will receive special recognitions after 5-and 10-times achievements of the pennon and stickers.

This popular certificate was awarded by the amateur radio organisation of the former GDR in 1958. And has been continuing by the DARC district Mecklenburg-West Pomerania since 1991.
The DARC district Mecklenburg-West Pomerania publishes this honouring since 1991 to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs, in the time from the 01.07., 00.00 UTC, to 31.July, 23.59 UTC per year, who fullfilled the following rules:
     EU   -  applicants: 15 points, of it 3-DL points
     DX   -  applicants: 10 points, of it 1-DL points
     VHF - applicants: 
5 points, DL points are not necessary
Points:A QSO with a station from the DARC district Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
(DOK  Vxx  additional Z87, Z89, MCM, MVP, SOP, YLV) counts 3 points, all other German stations (max. 3 stations) and stations each once one pouint.
QSOs with stations in the following countries and districts count in each case once one point.

There are no band- and modes of restrictions. Beginning in 1992 SOP sticker (small pennons) are published for renewed fulfilling of the conditions. The SOP pennon is pentagonal and multicolored; 22 cm wide and 33 cm long. The sticker about 7 cm wide and 10 cm long. As a bonus after 5-times achievement of the SOPs the applicant receives a special sticker (free of charge), after 10 years achievement a certificate.
Supplement for 2019: Foreign stations with the suffix "SOP" (e.g., OZ4SOP, SJ1SOP...) count as a joker for a not achieved area if they are activated in the current year...

Log extract - please till 31 August every years - Calls alphanumerically listed
Manager: Georg Tretow - DL4SVA, P. O. Box 1114, D-23931 Grevesmühlen, email: DL4SVA@darc.de
Fee :  SOP pennon  DL 12 Euros, non DL 15 Euros, SOP Sticker 5 Euros

The manager sends an email with the account data.

On-line applications are preferred.


73 - Petr, OK1RP