25 July 2018

VHF / UHF Field Day 2018 from 220m ASL QTH...


so the VHF / UHF Field Day 2018 is finished.

I participated in the contest with son Jakub from OK5T contest QTH together with the rest of the team. In summary it was nice weekend with lot of very enjoying QSOs on 2m and mainly on 70cm... even although this QTH is only 220m ASL.

Any kind of QSO on 70cm is challenge from this QTH, hi...

The only 100W transceiver in small pistols category using the 1x LFA (G0KSC) antenna this year at the 220m ASL is not predestined to win on 2m. On the other hand I have to say it worked well thanks to good condx and mainly thanks to an excellent antenna!

At the beginning IQ5NN (774km) station came with nice sigs so Ludek, OK1VSL was pleased to start first hour of the contest with nice DX.

Everything worked well all the time including the second operating position for 70cm band where Jakub, OK1-36357 aka OK1RCG spent maximum time and his effort in order to try what is possible with installed setup and low profile, low ASL QTH and tried to get as best result as possible.

The current club's 70cm setup is using 20W from FT-857D (many thanks to Mira, OK1JMJ) into small 14el. single yagi, so it is hard job to get some reasonable results over there...

The only interesting thing was at the beginning of the contest that most of the sigs had very fast QSB and lot of calling stations disappeared during first shot.
The most important time for me was Sat/Sun night when I planned some DX-ing on CW. It was a bit dissapointing for me but even although I expected a bit more from this part time I worked stations over 500km away on 2m and some stations over 400km on 70cm band.

The assembling the 70cm station in the car was funny and Ludek, OK1VSL had to make light gymnastic figures, hi...

My son Jakub enjoyed his "Scouts" VHF Field Day part on 2m as OK1KDG where he made a bit lower result refer to last year probably also thanks to single LFA only compare to last year.

We enjoyed the sunshine WX with hot temp over 30C deg and sausage BB in the Sat evenning so it was enjoyable weekend for all the team I hope.

Finally we worked 93 QSOs with over 18k points on 70cm in VHF/UHF Field Day this year using only 20W out into 14el. single Yagi as OK5T mainly thanks to Jakub! Well it is the best club's result with this setup from our 220m ASL QTH...

Also some paddles and keyers were tested Sun morning by all club's mates so we enjoyed the CW not only on the air, hi.


Even executive director and club's cheef Ludek, OK1VSL "itself" played with my Hex key from Bencher a bit under precise supervision by top-class telegraphist Lada, OK1DGU (on the right)...

Many thanks for all nice QSOs during the enjoyable weekend and hope to hear you again on the air soon.

"Scouts" VHF Field Day claimed score:
Scouts VHF Field Day final results 2018:

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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