07 November 2014

NAS - Directional Power Meter R&S in lab


the RF power meter is very usefull in the lab and for ham radio experiments it is even most important measuring equipment...

I like the Rohde&Schwarz in general. I like their equipment for long time and last month I was lucky to find their analog precise power meter NAS in very good shape available for acceptable price.

Directional Power Meter R&S®NAS is the ideal servicing unit wherever power and SWR of all kinds of radio equipment have to be measured. Insertion units for the whole field of mobile radio - including GSM applications - make the R&S®NAS a versatile unit and an investment for the future.

  • Two moving-coil meters
  • Autoranging
  • Battery operation
  • Automatic switch-off
  • High EMI immunity
  • Wide range insertion units still available up to 1GHz

  • The insertion units can be connected directly to NAS RF voltmeter or it can be connected thru extending cable.

    I grabbed the NAS voltmeter including the Insertion Unit (1 to 30MHz, 1200 W - NAS-Z2 and even the R&S carrying bag has been included. So I got complete set to measure RF power on HF up to 1kW (1.2kW max.) with 6.5% of rdg for Z2 + 1.5% of selected range of NAS uncertainty. Great value to my lab for that money.
    As I was a bit nervous how the postal service will manage the shipping I decided to pick up it by myself from Germany re-seller. So I made quick visit the Germany by car and after 9hrs on the way and 1000kms I arrived in the late night with my NAS equipment.
    New NAS power meter in the lab...
    Automatic self procedure after turning On the meter tells "all ok". The battery inside is newly replaced (thanks to re-seller pre-sale service) so I can go to follow the auto-calibration procedure according to user manual. It will need more time so not done yet but I am confident.
    My first measurement has been done on the old Yaesu FT-990AC which showed me the max. power of this radio 110W at 50Ohms load. (no uncertainty calculated yet)
    So in general all seems ok and I am happy to be able to measure RF power on HF precisely up to 1GHz.
    If You will find this unit somewhere for acceptable price then do not thinking about it so long time and grab it.
    73 - Petr, OK1RP