23 July 2018

PigKnob - another external knob for your Elecraft rigs

Hi all,

my PigKnob is ready to be used again after opt. encoder replacement.
Some people are asking for difference in between the
PigKnob and KPOD...

The PigKnob is a remote tuning knob for amateur radios that use a plain-text based control protocol (Elecraft, Kenwood, new Yaesu). It has 8 tactile switches and an optical encoder with a solid aluminum machined knob. All functions on the PigKnob from the switches to the encoder clockwise/counter-clockwise actions are user customizable.

The PigKnob has two serial ports, one for your computer and one to your radio. The device will proxy serial data from your computer to the radio enabling you to run your rig control software on your computer and use the knob at the same time; it connects in-line.

The PigKnob consists of two circuit boards, one in an enclosure and one bare. They are connected with 6 conductor ribbon cable. This reduces cable clutter on your desk, keeping the serial cables and power out of sight.

So in summary...

PigKnob by Pignology, LLC sends it's commands to the K3 via the serial port. When you are operating remotely, that port is connected to the RemoteRig interface.

KPOD by Elecraft connects to a jack on the bottom right edge of the front panel that Elecraft normally uses for final testing of factory-assembled radios and doesn't interfere with the serial port.

The PigKnob stores the desired commands in its memory and sends the commands when asked to. The KPOD does not store any commands. The desired strings of commands are stored in the radio using the K3 Utility. All the KPOD does is activate one of those 16 macros when you tap or hold one of the 8 buttons.

In the case of a remote station, the macros are stored in the remote host radio, not your local control radio. If the system is yours and you're the only operator this works fine. If the station has multiple users, then there has to be some agreement on what macros will be stored.

The KPOD is somewhat expensive. If you have own antennas at home then you will be happy with that PigKnob.


73 - Petr, OK1RP

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