10 January 2016

f1award.ru - no plaques, no replies, funds grabbed... Ham radio is not fair-play game anymore?!

Hi all,

maybe you still remember the Ham Formula One awards and plaques activity in 2014. It was perfectly managed on-line and the score as same as reached awards and plaques has been on-line available on the f1award.ru webpage. 

Did You received Your ordered plaques already?! I paid for ordered plaque (wall clock in my case) almost year ago but I never received anything until now. No replies for my several emails to award manager...


I tried this link: 
> now it is down...

I tried this: 

> down of course...

Emailed several times to:  

> no response.

In MegaLog merchant I was able to find my order 

> now it is down.

I emailed to: Oleg Lebedev; elebedev at gmail at com and he replied to me that he can help me with shipment. The package should be shipped 10/8/2015. Nothing arrived until now. No responses, no tracking...

I also tried email to: rx6lql at gmail dot com but no reply from him too.

I will try to email them again. Maybe they missed my last messages.

If you are interresting in discussions or threads where I tried to share it then check it here:



Thank You for comments, experiences... but in general the most important is to pay big attention where and whom you are sending your money. The Ham radio is not fair-play game anymore it seems...

73 - Petr OK1RP

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