20 October 2015

TMP-K01X-A1 connectors and cables for Elecraft K3


as it was hard to find the TMP connectors for making the calibration  of K3 in Czech even in nearest Europe in the past I tried to looking for distributor world-wide. I realized that some sales contacts does not work or links fails so I sumarized the actual links and informations again. 

BTW: What is the TMP connector or even TMP cable in K3 transceiver...?

It is one of the cables used for the second receiver module KRX3.
If you have the receiver module then you can start reading at page 22 of the installation and operation manual (assuming Rev. B of manual). Also it is used for KSYN3A, KAT3 to AUX and other modules inside of K3. You are not aware if you ordered K3-F (factory assembled) unit :) but for all those assembled their K3s by themself it is very known...
The TMP cable 12" is the Elecraft part: #E850339.

For all who would like to make coaxial cable for calibration of K3 instead of some temporary solution there are useful informations I guess:

Type: TMP-K01X-A1 connector 50ohms for RG-174/U coaxial cable type

Assembly Standard:


Quick assembly reference:

Sales links:

on eBay:




or here:


Hand-crimp-tool to buy:

The tips and hints discussed here:

The most important is to be ensured that the center pin is in it's socket properly, not bended, not misaligned during installation and as Guy, K2AV is saying..."The outer shell of the TMP plug can be connected without being fully inserted into the TMP connector. This can result in an intermittent on the center conductor that comes and goes with temperature change, or breathing hard, or changes in phases of the moon. The little flanges on the TMP plug should be nearly up to the TMP connector shell when fully inserted."

When it is in use I am recommending to check time to time (you do not need to do it before "each flight" :) the connectors if all of them are correctly inserted and if there is no rust, corrosion or silver coated TMP connectors are not becoming black...

Hope it helps.

73 - Petr, OK1RP


  1. Hi Petr,

    I noticed BOX73, the company behind the Funkamateur magazine are now also carrying adaptercalbes with TMP on one end, BNC on the other end and RG174 in between, perfect for adding and RTL-SDR panadapter to a rig, here is the link:

    73 de Richard PA3GWH

  2. Hi Richard,
    many thanks for hint. It looks like good oportunity for us in EU.
    73 - Petr, OK1RP