23 October 2015

A corrected version of QST's KSYN3A in K3 review


there is the link for corrected version of QST's KSYN3A board review which is replacing the erroneous TX phase noise plot in their last QST article:


Figures 10 and 11 have been updated by the ARRL to show the KSYN3A's actual transmit phase noise. As you can see, relative to the original synth, the KSYN3A has far lower noise at close offsets (toward the left end of the graph), and nearly identical noise at wider offsets (toward the right).

As Wayne, N6KR mentioned previously, this is a *transmit* phase noise plot. Phase noise is even lower right at the output of the synth module itself, accounting for the KSYN3A's outstanding RMDR (reciprocal mixing dynamic range, which applies to receive mode).

There is also explanation of their mistake in LF bands performance (500kHz/137kHz) measurement due to lack of proper modification on tested K3!

Thanks to Wayne, N6KR for sharing the link...

Hope it helps,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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