18 March 2015

RSGB Eclipse QSO Party 2015

good time to remind, because it is this Friday, March 20th...

The RSGB Contest Committee announces an "Eclipse QSO Party" in cooperation with the Propagation Studies Committee during the partial eclipse on the 20th March. Information about the experiments being carried out and links to other relevant sites are here

This is not a contest, but some of the RSGB Contest Committee software and web facilities will be used to collect and display activity reports.

The D layer of the ionosphere may not be as strong due to the eclipse, and stations on the lower bands – 1.8 MHz, 3.5 MHz and perhaps 7 MHz may be heard that would otherwise be inaudible during the day.
All available radio amateurs are invited to participate -- this is an opportunity to contribute to our knowledge of propagation and the ionosphere.
Those who wish to participate but cannot operate on the day of the eclipse may contribute if they have automatic skimmer / wideband RX (e.g. SDR) facilities. Please record the QSO Party and contact the Contest Committee to submit your recording.

See You on the air,
73 - Petr, OK1RP

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