16 July 2014

Mercury paddle N2DAN - The Zen of CW Art


the Mercury N2DAN paddle is fabulous CW tool known by all CW operators and enthusiasts worldwide.

Vince's, K5VT Mercury N2DAN paddle
The official description says "Handcrafted Paddle by Ex-European Machinist to the highest quality standards" and all of them were made upon personal requests by Steve, N2DAN and personalized with serial number, owner's callsign and some others.

Although there is a lot another very high quality paddles on the market the Mercury N2DAN paddle is still evaluated as "The Best".

Beautiful, heavy chrome plating, smooth operation, precisely adjustable, right height on the operating table... the benefits of my original Mercury N2DAN paddle #0062Y also.

The genealogy of my piece of Art is very interesting. It made a journey over 3 continents already and the operating behaviour on the air is impressive.

It is heavy weight, heavy precious metal (rhodium) contacts, adjustments that stay put and no vertical movement of the paddle arms. Thanks to Vidi, ZS1EL I am proud owner and really glad to have an original Steve's item.

There are several copy-cat models now available and after Steve's wife sold the patent and it was remarketed it came in a similar form and design.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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