06 December 2019

RGO ONE - new classic CW / SSB transceiver on the market - part 2

RGO ONE is the GOLDEN classic super-heterodyne down conversion HAM transceiver covering all HF bands 1.8 - 29.7MHz (160/60m as an option).

High dynamic range receiver design including high IP3 monolithic linear amplifiers in the front end and H-mode first IF mixer.
Low phase noise first LO – SI570 XO/VCXO chip.

Full/semi (delay) QSK on CW using click-less quiet diodes switching; PTT/VOX operation on SSB. Strict RX/TX sequencing scheme. No click sounds at all!

Due to its modular construction it can be easily modified or redesigned in manner that suits operator. This kit is intended for users that like building their own home made equipment and constructions.

Main goals

  • Classic super-heterodyne design – with popular 9MHz intermediate frequency. Filter method DSB to SSB modulation
  • Coverage of the 9 HAM HF bands (160m optional)
  • High dynamic range receiver design including high IP3 monolithic IC in the front end and H-mode first IF mixer
  • Fast acting IF (134kHz) AGC.
  • Click-less operation – solid state Ga-As PHEMT SPDT switches on RX, (band-pass filters; TX/RX) and ultra fast rectifier diodes (LPF)
  • Custom multicolor FSTN LCD (Especially developed for this project)
  • Custom made ABS face plate, unique and ergonomic knob controls
  • Custom made crystal filters – 6,8 pole, CF=9MHz, 2.8kHz, 2.7kHz, 1kHz, 500Hz
  • Three filters can be used - First IF roofer 8-poles 9MHz; second (optional) 4-poles variable bandwidth filter Johnson type 9MHz; third 2-poles noise filter 9MHz
  • Double CPU circuitry control for front panel and mother board, both field programmable via implemented USB hub
  • Modular construction with no “flying wires” inside the box. Transceiver is built up on a main – mother board which has two functions. First to serve as a “chassis” and second to fit all the external connectors, daughter boards, inter-connections and acts as cable harness.
  • Plenty of optional modules: Audio filters, Automatic antenna tuner (ATU), Noise blanker (NB), narrow/wide band IF crystal filters.
  • Linear final amplifier PA 50W with precise power adjustment especially for QRP operations. Forget noisy FANs – 25W  – unlimited time!! QRO work – with max power of 50W driving should be sufficient for a kilowatt amplifier.

  • Personal computer control CAT via USB
  • Morse code keyer (Curtis A, CMOS B)
  • Contest and DX-pedition operation conveniences
  • Both Kit & Ready-to-Run versions will be available


And one more think... I like very much the sentences posted by KW6LA:
"I do like the old style controls. RGO ONE looks like a radio, not a garage door opener!"

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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