27 April 2016

Looking for clean SS HF PA w/QSK - part 3 (LinearAmp)

Hi all,

there I am sharing the findings and latest information about this topic done by my friend Rudi, DK5FD...

"I own for many years an EXPERT 1K-FA PA and I am quite contented with it, up to the QSK operation. Because, the QSK operation is very loud, due to the relays noise; it's a nerve shattering clacking.

In January I had the opportunity to test for one day the new EXPERT 1.3K-FA, but what a disappointment the 1.3K-FA from EXPERT is also annoying, only a little bit quieter as the 1K-FA is."

Up to now I did not find a suitable QSK amplifier also.
I emailed to the following companies with these results:

ACOM for ACOM1200S, answer:
"Regretfully there is no good news for you. ACOM 1200S is not designed as a QSK amplifier. The TX/RX switching there is done in the same way as in ACOM 600S or ACOM 1010. Regretfully there are probably not many hams that are interested in QSK rigs."

JUMA for PA1000, answer:
"PA1000 is using a quite high speed SMD relay for T/R switching. The max operate time is 4ms and max release time is 6ms.
Although the relay is quite fast the lifetime of 100x10e6 mechanical operations is limiting the endurance in QSK.
So it is not a vacuum or a solid state relay and it is not fully noiseless."

Linamp for Gemini HF-1K, answer:

"The QSK switching is fully solid state. No relays. Diode switched turned of hard by a 300V rail."

Therefore the Gemini HF-1K seems to be only QSK PA on the market, but the Design is not very nice, hi.

From the HAM's there should be a stronger demand for real QSK equipment and asking for, e.g. by eMails like you do."

Well, so we decided to share all our findings including Rudi's items over here, because we have to force the demand for SSPA QSK ability. It's a pitty that only one manufacturer (Gemini) offers a SSPA with real QSK... it seems.

Linear Amp Gemini HF-1K 1.8-50MHz 1kW Solid State Linear Amplifier:
Download brochure for Gemini amplifier:

73 - Petr, OK1RP
"auf die Dauer hilft nur Power" (Erich, HB9FIH)

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